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What Would Your Children Say?

Parents often talk about their children's report cards. Parents want their children to do their best and everyone knows that A's are better than F's. There are other grades in between excellent and failing, such as good job or needs improvement.

What if children could "grade" their parents in the same way, excellent, good job, needs improvement. John Moran, Ph.D and David Weinstock, J.D., Ph.D came up with just that, a Parents' report Card. I want to share some of the listed items and let you think about what grade your children might give to you.

1.) Listens to me

2.) Plays with me

3.) Tells me calmly when I am in trouble without scolding or being mean.

4.) Makes me keep my room clean and gives me chores around the house.

5.) Watches me when I play sports

6.) Shows respect for my other parent

7.) doesn't argue with my other parent when I am around

These are just a few of the ways children could grade their parents. I ask that you think about these and give yourself a grade and all of them could use some room for improvement. It is difficult being a good parent and you can't always get it right or make an A. However, if you keep a few of these in mind and review once in a while you will be improving all the time.

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