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Marital & Relationship Counseling

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Moving Forward

Grief and Loss

Grief & Loss

Loss of a Relationship

Loss of a Relationship

Moving Forward
Moving Forward


Once the problems are identified and laid on the table, Vicki offers tools to help you see the direction you are heading based on day to day decisions and to learn the valuable outcome that certain negotiations and productive communication can render. Vicki will help you develop options that move toward productive changes. By doing so, you learn how to be responsible to yourself and the relationship.


Symptoms that identify problems in a relationship:


  • Not spending quality time together as a couple

  • Not having fun (i.e. not sharing joys or happy experiences)

  • Sharing few things in common

  • Frustrations with the other's behaviors and habits

  • Unable to discuss difficult issues without conflict.

  • Trust has diminished.



Vick James focuses on the solution, not the problems that created the problem when dealing with relationship issues. 


Learning the nuts and bolts of getting along, exploring the value of improved communication, finding ways of expressing feelings while respecting the feelings of others are but a handful of methods that Vicki James employs in working the individuals and couples who are looking to enhance both effectiveness and enjoyment in all their relationships.

Grief and Loss
Grief & Loss


Loss and grief are inevitable and come at some time in everyone's life. Grief can be physically painful and reactions to grief may make little sense. Still, everyone experiences grief and processes it in his or her own way.  There are steps one can make so that grief is more tolerable.


Vicki James has 20 years of experience helping people suffering a loss. She can assist individuals, friends and family members in understanding the behaviors that result from grieving and can help people move through a difficult process without feeling confused or misunderstood.


Here are some of the manifestations of grief:


  • Profound sadness

  • Guilt

  • Anger

  • Confusion

  • Numbness

  • Fatigue

  • Disorganized or scattered thinking

  • Lack of concentration

  • Restlessness or insomnia

  • Change in appetite


Grieving can vary in length and intensity depending on the individual and the type of loss.

Loss of a Relationship
Loss of a Relationship


Loss of a relationship can be the result of any life change that causes a disconnect between you and the people you love, admire or rely upon. This can be the result of tragedy such as divorce or death. It can come as a result of moving. It can be the result your child maturing to a new stage in life. It can be the result of a job loss or a promotion, the marriage of a friend, school graduation, and the end of a long term event such as summer camp, team projects at work, church or social programs, even completion of building a new home.


Grieving the loss of a relationship can be anticipated or expected. Yet, losing a connection with someone you depend upon can also cause unexpected difficulties that can require guidance and insight into understanding the feelings that come with the loss.