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Vicki James LPC

Parenting Coordinator


Vicki is a trained and experienced Parenting Coordinator.  Her skills are used to help coordiante productive post-divorce communication and problem solving.



Following a divorce, both parents need to play a significant role in the life of their children. Co-parenting helps teach the parties how to parent together and focus on the best interest of their children.

Parenting Coordination


Parenting coordination is a practice which utilizes concepts, methods, and processes from a family systems approach to assist parents after divorce to communicate more effectively when issues regarding their children arise.


Parent Coordinators and may:


  • Identify dispute issues and help reduce misunderstandings

  • Clarify priorities

  • Explore possibilities for problem solving

  • Develop methods of collaboration in parenting

  • Decrease conflict

  • Assist with parenting training

CoParenting Parent Facilitation

Step Parenting Classes

The role of step-parent takes commitment, understanding and compromise to maintain healthy relationships and a cohesive blended family. Realistic expectations about the role of step-parent along with communication with everyone involved, creates clarity and confidence within the family.


Some of the topics covered are: 


  • Learning to focus on the business of the children

  • Fostering healthy family relationships 

  • Coping skills for challenges of step-parenting

  • Definitions of role for parents

  • Realistic expectations

  • Healthy boundaries for all family members

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