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Collaborative Law: The New Method of Dispute Settlement

Collaborative Law The New Method of Dispute Settlement

The Collaborative Process is designed to find solutions for disputing parties that result in minimal destruction of the current relationships and assets.

The Mental Health Professional serves as a neutral Communications Facilitator in this process, working with both parties and their attorneys as well as a financial advisor. Working together, these professionals see that each party's interests are maintained.

Vicki is an experienced mental health professional specially trained as a communications facilitator in the Collaborative Law process. She plays a key role in assisting a divorcing couple working with the collaborative team. Her role is to help all stay focused and build solutions that lead to a well-designed settlement. Vicki works with the couple in learning healthier ways to communicate, co-parent, and problem solve. Working with the collaborative team, Vicki helps in managing conflict and guides the process of negotiation towards interest-based solutions.


The Collaborative Law Process is an alternative dispute resolution option for resolving conflict and developing a settlement with dignity and respect. 


These facilitation techniques can apply to any partnership having conflict and wanting to come to resolution.


A few of the goals of Collaborative Law are:


  • Helping parents reduce conflict and encouraging positive co-parenting

  • Maintaining an atmosphere of respect

  • Working together to solve problems and focus on the future

  • Finding common goals in dispute settlement *focusing on the family’s needs

  • Establishing an amicable relationship

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